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The Answer

Sire: Equation
Dam: Buck Cherry
Bred by: Michel Showpigs
Ear Notch: 4-1

Registration: 339537001

THE ANSWER....Bold name for as good of a red boar that we have had the chance to purchase.
This guy can be the answer to any issue in the Duroc breed. He has been a stand out all along. Having the oppurtunity to see this guy grow up from day one, he has never gone through a stage or had a day off.

He is massive made, wide chested and square at his knee. The Answer has a PERFECT hind leg with flex, reach and sets them as square as you can make one. He has shape and muscle working down his top and stifle. Massive center body and an easy fleshing boar that is still attractive and awesome from the side. This guy is INCREDIBLE and as I'm doing this write up I have the same feelings as I did writing Problem Solver's! The Answer has 2 shots of Problem Solver, and that gives me even more confidence in him.

This guy's mother was purchased from Ogle and is one incredible female. She is a full sib or littermateto the following: Champion and Reserve Duroc Barrow - 2011WPX, Grand Overall Gilt - 2012 San Antonio, Grand Overall Gilt - 2012 Houston, Cherry Bomb at PSSS, and also a littermate to the mother of Royal Flush at Top Cut.

This is he Duroc boar we have been looking for that combines everything we want looking at him, and gets us even more exciting when looking at his paper. Trying to figure out how to make Durocs that can win at any level?....It's easy when you know THE ANSWER!!!!!!


The Answer The Answer

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