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Free-N-Easy x Home Brew
Stand Back

Sire: Free-N-Easy
Dam: Home Brew
Bred by: Doug Porter
Ear Notch: 26-2
Registration: 143500002
Stress Status: Carrier

What can I say other than this is one incredible Spot boar.
He was the $18,000 High Selling Grand Champion Spot Boar at the 09 Indiana State Fair. No joke - if this guy was entered the next day in the Crossbred show we don't feel we would have got him bought for the amount we did. Sam runs around 20 head of Spot sows and wanted to buy a Spot boar, I told him only if we finda GREAT ONE. We found Stand Back and he fit the bill. Porter has made this mating 3 times and it has worked every time with many winner's at Texas'majors, state fairs and breeding stock shows. He said this is the best one he has made yet with this matinng as well as any Spot he has raised.

Stand Back is a moderate framed. stout featured boar that has great expression down his top and a huge massive hip. This guy is as square coming as he is goingwiht a great set to his knee and his hind legs are out on the corners.

Stand Back Stand Back
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