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Loud Mouth x Entourage
Smart Mouth

Sire: Loud Mouth
Dam: Entourage
Bred by: Reiss Livestock
Ear Notch: 15-1
Registration: 162840001

Stress Status: Negative

Smart Mouth is a weanling boar purchase from Reiss Livestock and the firm that bred Mouth Off, as well as, some other big time spot winners. Sired by Loud Mouth and a boar that dominated the Spot ring in his first year. Mother of Smart Mouth is one that has hit a streak for the Reiss firm. She produced the Reserve Spot Barrow 2015 San Antonio and other state and national winners. Grandmother was a good Transformer sow that was named Reserve Spot Gilt at 2012 San Antonio. Powerful boar with a real Powerful Winning Pedigree!!

Smart Mouth is an attractive boar that is extended up front with a level correct topline. He is very heavy structured with a big forearm, big hind leg, and great foot size. He is one that offers shape and width down his top and takes that to the ground. When on the move, he is comfortable and comes at you wide, square, and leaves you with base width and a square hind leg. When wanting to use a boar that can make balanced hogs with some added power, then it’s time to use SMART MOUTH!!!!




Smart Mouth Smart Mouth
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