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The Game x Homemade 45-1
Self Improvement

Sire: The Game
Dam: Home Made 45-1 (All Eyes Mother)
Bred by: Korb Farms
Ear Notch: 41-4
Registration: 497980004
Price: $300/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $150/dose

Self Employment is one outstanding Hampshire boar that was a no brainer for us to own. He shares the same mother of All Eyes and that boar has done an out of the park great job for many in the Hampshire breed. Korb was telling me that had one, and when he says something like that he is for real. When we saw this guy, we knew that there was no question that we are owning him and due to great growth he didn’t want to hold on to him that long for Duncan. This is one unreal Hampshire boar that is going to take them to the next level.

Self Employment is the kind of boar that is so good everywhere with some extra power and width. From the side, you can’t make one better being tall fronted with a level topline and great tailset. Pasterns are up and is square coming and going with a great hip and hind leg. Get on top of him he opens up with great spread and shape and has great body shape. He is the combination of a balance attractive hog and still can be called a power hog. The boar that can get you headed in the right direction on making hogs better is SELF EMPLOYMENT!!!!!

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