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Buzz Saw x Macho

Sawin Logs

Sire: Buzz Saw
Dam: Macho
Bred by: Thompson Brothers
Ear Notch: 157-4
Registration: 583106004

Sawin’ Logs is our Yorkshire purchase from Thompson Brothers at the 2016 WPX. We have bought a lot of boars from Thompsons, but would have to say this is one of our favorites. He hit us hard at expo and have seen some interesting, good hogs sired by Buzz Saw, and that boar has great genetics behind him. Mother side of this boar goes back to some Mack Down and Daddy Mack stuff, and to this day those genetics still have a huge impact on our sow herds. Really good boar with some genetics that have a lot of purple banners behind them.

Sawin’ Logs is a great balanced boar that is level and correct about his topline with correct ham loin hook up. He is a moderate boar that has great flesh and center body, is wide chested and square to ground. This boar is up on his pasterns, very loose and flexible on the move, and is square ended when you get behind him. We feel that this boar will work on those bigger sows that need to be downsized a little while adding flexibility, squareness, and flesh. This a very powerful breeding boar that needs used, so don’t get caught SAWIN LOGS!!!




Sawin Logs Sawin Logs
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