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Sunshine 83-11 x Here N Now

Sire: Sunshine 83-11
Dam: Here N Now (Bone Buzz Littermate Sister)
Bred by: Ricker Yorkshires
Ear Notch: 4-1
Registration: 579443001

Rise N Shine is our off the farm purchase from Kevin Ricker and once we saw this boar, he was a must have. He was pulled off the slats for a week when we saw him, bought him 2 days later, and pictured him that day. He is sired by a boar that Thompson and Ricker bought off George Watson and bred a fair amount of sows to and saw some keeper gilts at Ricker’s that were the right kind. Mother of Rise N Shine is a littermate to Bone Buzz and that sow line has more than proved itself over and over. Not only a boar that we were looking for, but a pedigree that is an outcross for most boars here at Upper Hand.

Rise N Shine is a design boar that is massive and stout featured. He is a stout headed boar that has a huge arm and big hind leg with huge feet and great spread to his toes. He is level and correct down his topline with squareness both coming and going. Perfect pastern set with correct angle, set up front, and a great hip and hind leg that can flex and reach. On the move this boar stays together being flexible but still has strength to his topline and stays together. To make Yorkshires better with the right amount of power and stoutness it’s time to RISE N SHINE!!!!



Rise N Shine Rise N Shine
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