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Sky Wire x Bandit (Red Handed Mom)
Rewired Rewired

Sire: Sky Wire
Dam: Bandit (Red Handed Mom)
Bred by: Platt Showpigs
Ear Notch: 44-1

Stress Status: Negative

Rewired has been a standout, and one that we knew was going to be kept intact from birth both from looks and a pedigree standpoint. This is the baby pig in the picture that we posted when we announced our 2nd child’s gender, and we made sure we used a good one. Sired by Sky Wire and we can say that Sky Wire is one of the most consistent sires that we have ever used and this guy has that same ability we feel of making good hogs with those extras. Mother of this guy is the same mother of Red Handed. Unfortunately, we lost her in the crates when this litter was 3 weeks old. We retained the gilts in the litter and 2 barrows have had a very successful show career in the southwest. Not only a great boar visually, but a pedigree that we know WINS!!!

Rewired is one that is jaw dropping from the side when he cranks his head in the air. You can start listing every judging team term used for extension and he fits them all. Levels up great about his topline and angles up front and a real flexible hind leg. Shape and muscle on the top side and takes it to the ground with enough flesh. He is powerful and wide coming at you and leaves you with a big hip, and has that great shape to his stifle it takes to win the big ones. We have loved this boar from the start from a pedigree and look standpoint and when wanting to make future champions better get REWIRED!!!!

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