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Hidden Treasure x Vulcan

Sire: Hidden Treasure (Royal Flush x Rib Crib(Flash Drive Sister))
Dam: Vulcan
Bred by: Flaspholor
Ear Notch: 134-6
Registration: 361921006

Here is our 2015 WPX Duroc purchase that brings some new pieces to our program both from a pedigree and a build standpoint.
He is sired by a boar that Flash Farms have there called Hidden Treasure. He is sired by Royal Flush back on Rib Crib which is Flash Drive’s littermate sister. Pay Dirt was out of a deep litter and the ones that we got to see were all designed and built the same. We think this one can offer an outcross to our proven red boars we have here.

Pay Dirt is a bigger outlined boar that is tall fronted and level made with a killer look from the side and an attractive front end. He is flexible and correct about his pasterns and square off both ends. He is heavy boned and has great foot size. For a bigger boar, he has great shape and power up high and is wide chested and big ended. This boar can cover different kinds of sows and we believe can offer more extension and look, yet make them heavy skelatoned. If you want to try to make winning Durocs you can cash in, then look at PAY DIRT!!!

Pay Dirt Pay Dirt

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