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Sky's The Limit x Swagger
Painted Sky
Painted Sky Painted Sky

Sire: Sky's The Limit
Dam: Swagger(Grand Gilt 2013 IN State Fair Jr. Show)
Bred by: Michel Showpigs
Ear Notch: 24-1

Stress Status: Negative

Painted Sky is an off the farm purchase from Michel Showpigs and is a full sib to Red Sky. We have been able to watch this guy grow up his whole life and tried to buy him young a couple times and finally got the opportunity as a mature. After the siring ability and how popular Red Sky has been, we knew that we wanted to try to keep the brothers together here at Upper Hand. Mother of Painted Sky is a Swagger female that was named Grand Overall at the 2013 IN State Fair and was out of a bred female Stohlquist bought from RW Genetics. Painted Sky is sired by the World Record Selling $380,000 Sky’s The Limit, and those hogs are the right kind for the time. We all have seen what Sky’s the Limit’s sons and grandsons have done in the showring. This boar can keep that trend going to MAKE WINNERS!!

Painted Sky is as stout and powerful as you can make one, yet still one that is very attractive on the side. He is a tall fronted level topped hog that has great set up front and a hind leg that can flex and go. He is massive in terms of bone and structure having a huge forearm and massive hind leg with big feet and great pastern set. Shape and power up high and is wide at the ground without being outside himself. Comes and leaves you square and wide with good flesh and body. A very good pedigree, that we know generates. When wanting to open them up and make them attractive think, PAINTED SKY!!!!!


Red Sky
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