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Hamp Stamp x Bushwood

Sire: Hamp Stamp
Dam: Bushwood
Bred by: Lockman Genetics
Owned with: Olsen Yorkshires
Ear Notch: 31-3
Registration: 486500003

Locksmith is a purchase that we made from Chuck and Ben Olsen after seeing pigs out of him, and then laying eyes on him on a trip to South Dakota. They bought this boar from Lockman Genetics and bred a handful to him. The offspring to say the least are the right kind. A pedigree that combines the look and design with the stoutness and heaviness of structure we need to have to win in the showring. Not only is this boar impressive to look at, but offspring will get you even more fired up.

Locksmith is a very attractive boar that is super tall fronted and level made with shape on the top side. He is a square bold chested boar that is super square going away. Awesome angles on this boar having set up front and a great set to his hind leg making him get out and go. He is heavy boned and big footed with clean joints and near perfect pasterns with square and even toes. To unlock the Hampshire breed’s future, use LOCKSMITH!!!


Locksmith Locksmith
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