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He's The One x Load 'Em Up
I'm The One

Sire: He's The One
Dam: Load 'Em Up
Bred by: Stein and Stewart/Kelly Sheets
Owned with: Rodibaugh Genetic Team/Doc Fischer
Ear Notch: 3-1
Registration: 382066001
Price: $300/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $150/dose

I’m the One is the $60,000 Grand Champion Duroc Boar from the 2017 WPX and one that stood out like a sore thumb. Kelly Sheets bought this boar young from Stein and Stewart with intentions to keep and breed sows but soon realized how good he was. Carl Stein and him agreed to take to expo to see how he stacked up, and he won that show easy. Carl after expo has sent me pictures of full sibs he had in the nursery and they are cookie cutters, built the same as I’m The One giving us even more confidence in the boar.

I’m the One is a boar that will fit anyone kind if talking look and design from the side or power and muscle, he has it all. He is very elevated up front and attractive about his head and neck and level topped. He has great muscle and shape down his top and goes away with a stout, shapely hip and is square to the ground. Comes at you square with great width. He is great about his bonework and footsize and is set back correct about his shoulder placement. We feel he can make offspring that can suit all kinds of judges if they want to keep power and mass and have that look that say I’M THE ONE!!!!

I'm The One I'm The One

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