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Like No Other x Nom Nom Nom
Hot Pursuit

Sire: Like No Other
Dam: Nom Nom Nom
Bred by: Reids Polands
Owned with: Schipper Purebreds
Ear Notch: 13-1
Registration: 45653001

Stress Status: Negative
Price: $150/dose
Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $75/dose

Hot Pursuit is an off the farm purchase that we made from JR Reid, and what a buy we made here. We have been telling Big Shooter to tell us when he had one and he let us know about this boar. He sent us a video on this one and after viewing and talking to him we knew without a doubt this was the one we have been waiting for. Great pedigree and a mating that he has done before and has worked making both boars and gilts. This firm has had great success in the Poland showring and has a real program. This boar is one of the best built Poland boars that we have seen to this date and know that he is going to make a big statement.

Hot Pursuit is built so correct being a good looking hog that is ideal in frame size and length of body. He is perfect skelatoned with great angles, flexible off both ends, and square underneath off both ends. Great bone and foot size with correct pasterns. He is tall fronted and really attractive about his front end with shape, great rib, and center body. If you need a Poland boar to make them correct, square, and good looking then you better be in on HOT PURSUIT!!!


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