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Home School

Home School Home School


Sire: Home Wrecker
Dam: Best Man
Bred by: Mortensen Showpigs
Ear Notch: 6-3

Stress Status: Negative
Price: $200/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $100/dose

Home School is a yearling boar that we picked up from Mortensen, and after mentioning he might sell him we jumped on the opportunity with no hesitation. This goes back to sow line that Mortensen has been tearing up the MLE show the past 4 years with. Mother of this boar is the grandmother of the 2017 Grand Market Hog at MLE. Sire of this boar is the Home Wrecker boar that we lost way too early after 2 crops and those hogs are sure surfacing. This guy’s pedigree is loaded with champions and can make the next generation of CHAMPIONS.

Home School is an extremely impressive mature boar that can get out and roll like a 280 lb show barrow. He is tall fronted and awesome on the side with a great topline that is correct yet flexible. Comes and leaves you with squareness and width with great bone and footsize and perfect pastern set. Shape and spread up high is great and matches at the ground. If you want to make the next generation that have a good look from the side and not make them no muscled and skinny, then book HOME SCHOOL!!!!




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