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Hammer Fist x Revolution
Hammer Down

Sire: Hammer Fist
Dam: Revolution ( Look Out Full Sib)
Bred by: Korb Farms
Ear Notch: 22-1
Registration: 144662001
Price: $150/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $75/dose

Hammer Down is the Landrace we were waiting for and needed to follow up with the Got Em and Have You lines. Not only a little different pedigree, but one incredible boar that will work on any and all kinds of Landrace females and one the most impressive ones of this breed you will see. From the Korb firm that have been very dominant in the Landrace ring for a long time, and they say is the best Landrace boar that they have put together to this date. Mother of this boar is also the mother of the Grand Gilt Overall at the 2016 NJSA SW Regional and the 2016 Champion Landrace Barrow at the OH State Fair. The Mother of Hammer Down is also a full sib the Look Out boar that has done a very nice job as well. An impressive boar that has the pedigree to match from a firm that knows about winning Landrace.

Hammer Down is the perfect combination of design and power because from the side he is a tall fronted level made hog that has perfect length of body. He has great angles and set up front with a big forearm and a hind leg that is flexible and can reach. He is big about his feet and very heavy skelatoned. Has width and power on the topside with shape and mass that he takes to the ground, has stifle shape and power as he leaves you. If you want to make the next generation of Landrace barrows gilt and boars better, then HAMMER DOWN!!!!




Hammer Down Hammer Down

Hammer Down Hammer Down
Grand Gilt & Champion Landrace
2016 NJSA Southwest Regional
Champion Landrace Barrow
2016 OH State Fair
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