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Double Time x Waiting Game
Free N Clear
Free N Clear Free N Clear

Sire: Double Time
Dam: Waiting Game (Double Time Mother)
Bred by: Hoge Livestock
Ear Notch: 41-3
Registration 164766003

Stress Status: Negative
Price: $200/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $100/dose

Free N Clear is the Spot boar that we and many other spotted breeders have been looking for. He is an outcross from the dominating Loud Mouth line and one that regardless of the pedigree is one incredible hog that can be bred to any kind or any pedigreed spot female around. He is a result of a son to mother mating and has been awesome from the start. When Dr. Hoge told me about this dude, I was stalker texting him and he sent the video and within no time it was a no brainer we needed to own him to stay on top of the spotted game and want to thank Hoges for the opportunity to own this one.

Free N Clear is one that is picture perfect on the side when he gets out and rolls being level spined and angles are good off both ends and can flex and drive with great pasterns. He is elevated and extended up front and level about his tailset with a square hip and hind leg. He is the boar that is going to make them more attractive, yet keep them square and out on the corners and looks to be the kind to make barrows, gilts, and boars that can win. To make hogs better looking and not sacrifice base and squareness, then it better be FREE N CLEAR!!!!!

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