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American Outlaw x Load Em Up
Fire Away
                        Pictured at 18 months of age
Fire Away

Sire: American Outlaw
Dam: Load Em Up
Raised By: Raizen Cain Showpigs (Stewart Bred Gilt)
Ear Notch: 20-7

Fire Away was the $65,000 highest selling boar from the 2016 WPX and the one we needed for the next step in our Duroc program. This guy offers us not only some different unique pieces, but a different pedigree to work on the daughters of our boars we currently have and others we have had in the past. This boar is a result of a bred gilt purchase from Doug Stewart, and that sow was one of Stewart’s very best in that crop. We are excited about Fire Away bringing some new attributes to our program.

Fire Away is one massive boar that is still correct and mobile on his feet and legs. He is monster chested and square at his knee and keeps that same width thru his big rib cage. When you get behind him, he is huge ended and out on the corners, yet square from hock to ground. Offers great shape and spread up high in the ideal frame size and length of body to be able to make breeding stock, barrows, and gilts. He is a heavy boned boar with great toe spread and angles are correct off both ends. We think he will work so well on all those good built correct females that just need a shot more power, mass, and bone. If you are shooting for making red hogs wider with more of everything, then FIRE AWAY!!!!



Fire Away Fire Away
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