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Bone Collector x Drop Shot

Feelin It

Sire: Bone Collector
Dam: Drop Shot
Bred by: AJ Williams
Ear Notch: 5-1
Stress Status: Negative

Feelin It was named Reserve Grand Boar at the 2014 Crossbred Classic, and one that we feel is where we are going in the future.
This boar’s mother was purchased from WD swine farm and one that AJ loves and feels he can build around. Feelin It is sired by Bone Collector, boar that for sure generated a tall fronted look with heaviness of skeleton. Feelin It was always a standout being a very sellable baby pig that AJ turned down a lot of money for and to this day looks like HE CAN MAKE HOGS BETTER!!!

Feelin It is a great looking boar not only from a color pattern standpoint that will breed on, but a design and attractiveness look as well. He is elevated about his front end and always upheaded, jet level down his top line with a level hip. This boar has great spread and power down his top with awesome top shape for a negative boar and carries that width to the ground off both ends. He drives at you with more than enough power and leaves you with the same power and a big square hind leg. Perfect pastern set and angles are correct with great flex and ease on the move off of both ends. If you want to make CHAMPIONS then you better start FEELIN IT!!!!!


Feelin It Feelin It
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