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Vex-Con x Stand Back

Sire: Vex Con
Dam: Stand Back
Bred by: Mark Hurd
Ear Notch: 22-10
Registration: 149912010
Stress Status: Carrier

A GREAT ONE??.........YES!!

Not because he cost $50,000 but because he is incredible no matter what color or what ear set. Not only is he our next step for our dominating Transformer line but maybe the next step for the Spotted breed!! When Mark Hurd drove this guy in the ring we knew he was the one. After the show when talking to Mark, he had so much confidence in him and then finding out his mother is his best Spotted sow....he was getting loaded on out trailer. Mark has an incredible program and when he drives one, it's a goo d one!! Of any boar that we have ever bought, we have never had this much interest after the auctioneer said sold. Texts and calls were coming in like crazy from the best breeders in the breed.

Entourage is great looking, being level made, tall fronted and level hipped. He is correct in his pastern strength with slope to his forearm and shoulder with perfect hip and hind leg. Entourage has great top shape and stifle shape with great curvature to his center body. He is wide chested and carries himself with attitude, being upheaded and leaves with squareness to the ground. Yes, he is that good and WILL take the Spot breed to the next level. Get ready to HANG SOME BANNERS!


Entourage Entourage
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