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Power Drive x Perfect Storm
Drive On

Sire: Power Drive
Dam: Perfect Storm
Bred by: Brad Dillion Family
Owned with: Reids Polands
Ear Notch: 2-3
Registration: 46193003
Stress Status: Carrier

Drive On is the 2015 Champion Poland Boar at the 2015 Fall Classic and was one of the most talked about boars there. We are very close with the Dillion Family and got to see him grow up, and he was a stud the whole time. We probably could have bought him private, but felt that Poland breeders needed to see this one at Duncan and we would try to own him there. Shortly after buying this boar, I got a text from Big Shooter JR Reid asking if there was room for him to buy in and with that set of sows there is always room and excited to own with him.

Drive On is a great combination boar of build and mass. His build and skeleton maybe the best I have ever seen for this breed with perfect angles up front and an awesome hind leg that can flex and reach and correct in his ankles unlike some in this breed. Great about his flesh, center body, big coming at you, and leaves you with squareness. This guy is super impressive when you get on top of him having crazy width, shape, and power working down his top and correct in his topline. He has the right kind of muscle having shape with good spread up high. In our opinion, barrows and gilts with that kind of muscle are very easy feeding and not hard doing. If you want to make winning Polands both in the breeding and junior shows, it will be made easier with DRIVE ON.



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