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Man Of The House x Full Strut

Sire: Man Of The House
Dam: Full Strut
Bred by: Isla Grande Farms
Ear Notch: 35-6
Stress Status: Negative
Price: $200/dose

Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $100/dose

Consider It Done is a mature boar pick-up from Isla Grande Farms and is one impressive mature boar. The main reason for buying this guy, besides being an impressive mature boar, is the first crop of pigs on the ground that I got to see and they are incredibly good and the kind that can win at all levels. Mother of this guy is one impressive old sow and the Full Strut stuff was maybe before its time and CID carries that look and flexibility. Sire of this guy is a littermate to Big Man On Campus and was the power boar of that litter.

CID is a boar that is square chested and powerful coming at you and leaves you with a powerful upper and lower stifle and square from hock to ground. He is massive in terms of shape and muscle down his top, good forerib, and center body. He makes consistent litters that are square made with bone and are good pasterned. Take him to those basic good built sows, and he will add some muscle and bone and keep them attractive. If looking for a crossbred boar that can make those good selling great feeding litter of hogs, then use this dude and CONSIDER IT DONE!!!!!

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