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Bear 84 x Super Monster

Bear 76

Sire: Bear 84
Dam: Super Monster (Mother of Grand Barrow 2014 FWSS)
Bred by: Cobb Farms
Ear Notch: 76-1

Stress Status: Negative
Price: $400/dose
Off-Season Price (October 12 to March 18th): $200/dose

Bear 76 is one of the mature boar purchases from Cobb Farms and semen wasn’t offered for sale. This boar has done a great job not only making great and easy selling barrows and gilts but ones that can win in the showring. His sire is Bear 84 and that boar has done a great job making big time winners for Cobbs. Mother of this boar is a proven Super Monster female is also the mother of the Grand Barrow at the 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show.

Bear 76 is a hog that will help add the look and design from the side that you want to put in one and still add mass and bone. He is elevated and tall fronted on the side with great pastern set. He will add shape and muscle to his offspring and still have great bone and foot size. He to this day is very square and flexible off both ends and will generate that as well with good rib shape. If needing to use a boar to add some power, shape, and keep them attractive, then you need to use Bear 76!!!!!





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