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Easy Math

Sire: Thrift Shop
Dam: On The Verge
Bred by: Fecke Livestock
Ear Notch: 4-1
Registration: 588047001

Basic Math is an off farm purchase from Feckes that hit us very hard in June when we looked at him. Not only great boar to look at, but a boar that offers us a little different pedigree from our current boars. Sired by a Lorenzen boar that goes back to some Whitman and Ifft bloodlines. Mother is an older proven On the Verge sow that has done a good job for Feckes. Basic Math is out of a very deep and uniform litter, so this guy should breed very true and consistent.

Basic Math is a square made correct boar that is big and square chested coming at you and leaves with a square shapely hip. He is up on his toes and correct about his pastern set, angles are correct and he is comfortable on the move. Basic Math offers some true shape and muscle down his topline and very correct about his ham loin hook up. We feel that this boar will make hogs that are the ideal frame size, yet give them some extension and look out of their front end. When breeding Yorkshires you try to add up all the pros and cons, but it will be made much easier when you use BASIC MATH!!!




Easy Math Easy Math
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