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Times Up x Monster Pipe

Sire: Times Up
Dam: Monster Pipe
Bred by: Wehmer Showpigs
Ear Notch: 20-87
Owned with: Doc Fisher & Wehmer Showpigs

Stress Status: Carrier

Any Time is the $100,000 Grand Champion Boar from the 2015 Crossbred Classic.
We knew that the Wehmer Family had a Times Up son that they were high on, and had already bred a bunch of sows to him before bring to Indy. When this guy hit the ring in class, we knew that he needed to come here to add another piece in our already deep boar lineup. The Wehmer firm has put together many champions and high sellers throughout the years, but this one without a question is THE BEST ONE YET!!!

Any Time is as heavy boned and massive as you can make one, yet square off both ends and flexible with a correct pastern set. He is massive on the top side having a pile of shape and spread and matches to the ground with the same amount of power. He is big chested and massive as he leaves you and plants and drives square with a massive hind leg. He is moderate framed boar that is ideal in terms of length of body and huge centered. For a power boar, he is attractive about his front end. When can you make them massive, monster boned , attractive, square and flexible……ANY TIME!!!!!



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